Munch Bunch Visits New Burger Joint

On the morning of Sunday September the 23rd, a select group of web reporters caravanned to Oddfellows Burger Kitchen, a new addition to Ames’ restaurant venue. When one walks into this restaurant they will be immediately struck by a barrage of mismatched wall decorations. However, looks can be deceiving and as far as decisions go, if rated on a scale from Roger Goodell deciding that replacement NFL referees were a good idea(worst-case) to spending sixteen straight hours watching both seasons of Game of Thrones (life-altering) the food that was served would definitely lean towards the side of a Thrones marathon. In fact, eating a burger from Oddfellows while watching Game of Thrones may be the single greatest decision since that brave soul who decided to slice bread. The menu had a wide selection of culinary delights, ranging from pastas to wings. However, the premier menu items had to be the burgers. Beef lovers all over the world would rejoice at the plethora of different burgers that Oddfellows offered. The restaurant covered everything from a traditional cheeseburger to a cheeseburger with goat cheese to even a burger made up of peanut butter, beef and bacon. The members of the Munch Bunch sampled burgers from all sides of the spectrum, with choices including the Makin’ Bacon Burger (lots of bacon), the classic Cheeseburger, the Presley Burger (this one had the peanut butter), the Grilled Cheese Burger (two bacon cheeseburgers strategically placed between grilled cheese sandwiches) and the famous Oddfellow (a bacon burger served between a glazed doughnut bun). Regardless of the content of the burger, all could agree that the food was exponentially good. It was evident that high quality beef was being used, and any time that mouthwatering crispy bacon is present, it can be considered a successful outing. The adventurous Munchers who sampled the more exotic burgers, such as the aforementioned Presley Burger and the Grilled Cheese Burger and the Oddfellow also spoke highly of their lunch, even though it may have seemed a bit odd at first. What’s more, the portions were huge, allowing for a complete meal that could probably sustain a wild grizzly bear. Like professionals the Munch Bunch also factors in sides when reviewing meals, but once again Oddfellows is up to scratch. The platters seemingly overflowed with portions of fries and tots, which only helped further the magnitude of the meal. As mentioned before, these were grizzly bear portions. Service was also helpful and more importantly, it was quick which is always a plus. The overall experience was very positive and Oddfellows easily deserves a 4.75 out of 5 panda rating.