First Semester Blues/Senioritis

I did not want to write this article. I had no motivation, no drive at all. There were a million and a half other things I wanted to do instead, but for a change I didn’t put them aside and write this first. The reason for all this is simple: Senioritis. Everyone has heard of senioritis, but it is impossible to fully understand the feeling until having experienced it personally. Senioritis, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, is a state of apathy afflicting students entering their last year of high school, college, grad school, etc. After three years of sloughing away through mounds of homework, projects, and tests, seniors, myself included, are quite simply burnt out. On top of that, we are coming to grasps with the fact that, in a short matter of time, we will move on and leave behind people they grew up with, people they have known their entire lives. We have one more obstacle to overcome before we can fully enjoy our last bit of high school to the fullest: first semester. First semester seniors are in a ambivalent state. We want to mail it in and relax before college, but there are some select classes that still matter. Most students have taken a less rigorous courseload because they are close to having enough credits for graduation. “I’m taking the hardest class load I can this year, but I’d like nothing more to just chill and relax,” senior Spencer Oh said. “It feels like I’m just going through the motions.” There is quite some truth to that observations that seniors are going through the motions. “It feels like stuff doesn’t matter as much this year; everything seems much more chill,” senior Marios Tringides. Not a ton matters senior year besides completing all the credit requirements and college apps, dreaded college apps. For just one more herculean effort, one more gigantic leap of faith into the Common Application, I, along with my fellow classmates, must put laziness aside, turn effort levels back above “just enough to get by.” But not just yet, there’s some Breaking Bad that needs watching.