Grey’s Anatomy sweeps away pre-season blues

*NOTE TO ALL READERS: IF YOU HAVE NOT YET WATCHED THE GREY’S ANATOMY SEASON 9 PREMIERE, DO NOT READ FURTHER. THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS UNFORGIVABLE SPOILERS!!!* As I turned on the television Thursday evening at 8 o’clock, a barrage of feelings filled me: stress, because I hadn’t studied for the math test the next day. Hunger, because I wanted to eat some dessert. And, oh yeah: super intense anticipation for the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere! Back during the tear jerker season 8 finale, the Greys episode writers had cruelly left us with an oh-so evil cliffhanger. As the scene of the devastating plane crash and the death of Lexie Grey came to a close with season 8, fans were biting their fingers in suspense, waiting for the verdict on the lives of their favorite characters. Senior Kelly Hu adds “The season 8 finale was literally the most dramatic thing I’ve lived through.” Some solace was found through the Season 9 promo, which teased us with glimpses of someone being wheeled into a hospital, and begged the question: Who is still alive? Well, first of all, I have to express my slight disappointment for the opening. Instead of doctors stranded in the woods, we get doctors in a hospital. Not very exciting! But I digress. Season 9 goes off with a bang- there are new interns bustling around in the hospital, Meredith and Miranda Bailey have new nicknames, and of course, let’s not forget Mark Sloan comatose in a hospital bed while a new pediatric attending fills in for Arizona Robbin’s vacancy. Yeah, things escalated quickly at Seattle Grace. It seems that the show picked up after Christina left for Mayo, while Alex was poised to leave for Hopkins. However, it looks like Alex Karev will stay at Seattle Grace, which is a relief- I was wondering how they were going to cycle back and forth between three different hospitals on the show. We get to learn a bit about the new lily livered interns (no surprises there), and hear about mean and scary Meredith “Medusa” Grey. On the other hand, I am probably not allowed to discuss the origins of Miranda Bailey’s new nickname, “BCB”, here in the newspaper. Also, all the doctors have plane phobias now (again, no surprises here). All in all, Mark Sloan’s death and the revelation that Arizona was alive were probably the most dramatic events in the premiere. It was admittedly lacking in ‘suspense’ and ‘drama’, but it should satisfy fans up until next weeks show, which will be covering what happened directly after the plane crash. And lastly, I’ve got to add that the ultimate highlight of the premiere was Dr. April Kepner on a pig farm in Minnesota with her large pig named ‘Jackson’. Ha.Ha.