5 Reasons not to Vote for Steve King

1. King is a long-term advocate of legalizing cockfighting, dogfighting, and other forms of animal abuse. King has been against efforts to curb animal abuse such as the McGovern Amendment to the 2012 Farm Bill, which makes it a crime for anyone to attend a cockfight or dogfight. He made the statement “When the legislation that passed in the farm bill that says that it’s a federal crime to watch animals fight or to induce someone else to watch an animal fight but it’s not a federal crime to induce somebody to watch people fighting, there’s something wrong with the priorities of people that think like that.” 2. King always voted for Iraq War legislation. He has opposed deadlines on withdrawal of troops. 3. King is vehemently against gay marriage. This is an important issue of our generation. I think for most of us, King’s opposal of gay marriage is a reason not to vote for him. 4. King supported Michelle Bachmann’s defamatory search for Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the government . This shows how quick he is to make radically conservative opinions with little to no evidence. 5. King has always voted against women’s interests. Whether it’s Planned Parenthood, abortion, or even fair pay for women, King has followed an agenda that jeopardizes the rights of women.