Katie Kesler is becoming a model

Katie and I sat down at Noodles and co., to talk, where she proceeded to eat a huge bowl of macaroni. Apparently, some people can eat whatever they want.

Is it true that you are going to become a Model?

How did this all happen? Yes! It all started in April when I found a modeling agency in Des Moines. I found out they took people to New York to meet high fashion model agencies at a convention called IMTA (International Models and Talent Association). After I sent the email with snapshot pictures, the agency in Des Moines said they would meet with my parents and I. They took all my measurements, and were happy with the results. So they said they wanted me to come to New York with them!

You went to New York?

I trained in Des Moines from May to Mid-July with about 12 other people. They taught me how to do a proper runway walk. When I went to New York, I had to walk down a runway for Swimsuit, Jeans, Runway. We were judged by the top model agencies from all around the world. Out of 350 models, I got 4th in swimsuit and runway! I got call backs from several agencies, which meant that I got to have a one on on interview with them. My callbacks came from NEXT Model Management, APM Models NY, Wilhemnia, along with America’€™s Next Top Model Judge; Karen Lee. I stayed a week extra to go to Karen Lee’s Workshop.

What did you do at Karen Lee’s Workshop?

At Karen Lee’€™s workshop I learned everything about that business and how taught it is. She taught me what I need to do to build my book ( photoshoot portfolio). Personally, I feel one of the most important things she taught me was how to use the NYC Subway. The subway is key in this business because it can get you one from one side of the city to another quickly for cheap compared to a stressful traffic jammed cab ride.

Are you currently modeling?

No. I am presently seeking international representation.I did go back to New York last month for a casting for Teen Vogue & Vera Wang, along with a meeting with IMG Models. Why do you want to be a model? I have been use to living with a competitive edge whether its been dance, ice skating and gymnastics. Sports that all have to do with taking in criticism and using that criticism for you own advantage to better yourself. I feel that all of them have fully prepared me just for this. Also I’€™m hoping this will be an entry way with a spin off career in the fashion business.

Will you have to move to New York?

We don’€™t know yet. Its possible that I might just fly in whenever they need me. It is also very possible that I will move there. If I do move there my mom will have to come with me and live because I am a minor. My dad will stay in Ames because of his career here. No matter when or where I go, I have to have a parent with me for supervision.

Is modeling glamorous?

Yes, but no. Modeling can be a very lonely job. Its a body business and it all comes down to an inch. You have to have self-esteem and be comfortable with yourself. You are constantly getting picked at about the tiniest things about your body. I saw one girl get told she would’n€™t make it as a High Fashion model because she was 5’€™8¾ and not 5’€™9. I have to think of myself as a business woman in this industry. I have to think smart because this isn’€™t something to just do for fun. It’€™s a very serious & competitive job market.

What is the goal for your modeling career?

My goal is to be walking the Runways of Fashion within the next year. Fashion Week happens twice a year. Starting in New York, second London, third Milan and ending in Paris. Fashion Week can be the opening to many future job opportunities for models. I have to say my biggest goal is to walk in Chanel’€™s Show for Paris Fashion Week.