Ania & Martin Chamberlin

1. Is it weird going to school with your twin? Ania: “No, I like it. It causes competition, though. It’s easy to be competitive with twins.” Martin: “No, it’s weirder to not have classes with her.” 2. As twins, do people treat you very differently, or do they treat you the same? A: “Sometimes they treat us the same, because they expect us to act the same way. Having a twin does open you up to a wider range of friends; I feel more comfortable around people that Martin is friends with.” M: “I’ve never not had a twin, so I don’t know. I do think it’s funny when people think that she is my girlfriend.” 3. How long did you live in Poland/ was the transition into American culture difficult? A: “Four years, ten months. Not really, but little cultural things were weird. People in America say hello to each other when walking down the street; that doesn’t happen in Poland.” M: “Five years. I honestly had no idea until I was 8 that we were living in America.” 4. Why are Polish people so much cooler than other people? A: “For me, I can relate to them better, and the food in Polish pre-schools is amazing.” M: “Food, genetics, and because they speak Polish.” 5. What is your favorite food? A: “Earl grey tea scones from Arcadia. Not the ones that I attempted to make on Saturday.” M: “Polish food.” 6. Do you ever plan on exchanging your bicycles for cars? A: “No, my goal is to not own a car until I’m married and have kids.” M: “No, my goal is to go as long as possible without a car. Same goes for a cell-phone.” 7. What is your guilty pleasure? A: “It’s not guilty, but it’s a pleasure: doing better than Martin on tests.” M: “Being pretentious.” 8. What’s one interesting thing about you, that not many people know? A: “I pierced my own ear with a safety-pin. It was fun and exhilarating. Also, I can go more than ten minutes without blinking. In fact, I have staring contests with the clock.” M: “I created my own religion called MEtheism, where you worship yourself as god, and it’s monotheistic, so you can’t acknowledge other people’s MEtheism.”