Mattie Kupfer

Freshman Mattie Kupfer is involved in piano, SHEPH, debate, and 100th Green Butterfly Which activity is your favorite? Why? Debate because I’m more involved in debate than my other activities and I find the topics really interesting. I also really like that our team is really close and I’ve made a lot of new friends! What are your goals for this year? Get better at balancing my sleep with what I put into school… it has sort of been a problem for me! Also, to just step out of my comfort zone and try new activities! What are your aspirations for your 4 years in high school? To survive… I really like high school, but it’s a lot more demanding than middle school.Teachers in high school really push you more, so I just hope that I’m able to adapt to the different challenges and learn to balance everything. Favorite part about high school so far? I like that there are opportunities for interaction between grades, and that you can choose many of your own classes. In middle school you didn’t have as many opportunities and the classes weren’t as enjoyable since there weren’t as many options. If you could be any animal what would you choose? A Honeybadger – they’re invincible and can survive snake venom! Who’s your favorite upperclassmen? Sara Dirresova (even though I know Naomi Peterson will probably skin me alive for that one..) If you could live inside one movie, which movie would you choose? 30 Rock, I would get to interact with Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey! If you could travel to any time period in history, to when would you go? I like so much about the present time, but I just wish that it was more peaceful. The ideal time period would be one that hasn’t happened yet. Or sometime where you could make purchases with pennies! I love that type of old-fashioned idea! What’s your ideal pet? An Italian greyhound! I like Jenna Marbles and I think that Kermit is absolutely adorable! What do you enjoy doing in your free time? I don’t know… I don’t really have free time! When I do though, I like to read, watch movies, and hang out with friends, but I honestly don’t have a lot of free time! It’s school, sleep, and then on weekends maybe a little more time for sleep!