Quiz Bowl answers questions, wins awards!

Upon first inspection, quiz bowl may seem just like an intense version of iQuiz, where students answer questions about random trivia for points and glory. So what exactly is quiz bowl? According to senior member of the team Emily Royer, “Quiz Bowl is just a club where we answer questions about random stuff for the points and the fame!” Apparently on surface level, it isn’t too different from what people may presume. In order to become involved in Quiz Bowl, interested students must pass a two-part tryout consisting of both a written test and a buzzer round. The top performing students from the written test will be invited to participate in the buzzer round, and the best competitors in the buzzer round invited to join the quiz bowl team. Every year, the tryouts are in early September, so it’s too late now to join the team. Interested underclassmen, however, still have the option of trying out next year, and all students have the opportunity to compete in iQuiz, the most competitive intramural at AHS. Every year, the team attends about four tournaments a year, plus history and science bowl. All tournaments however, are not equal in excellence. “The best tournament is definitely either Drake or the History Bowl,” said Royer. “They’re both really fun tournaments with great facilities.” At tournaments, Ames typically dominates, with all four of the teams winning more than the top A teams at other schools. Each tournament, however, there are a few teams that pose a threat. Valley and Central Academy both provide a challenge, but Ames is typically able to defeat them. “Several students on the team have a topic specialty, such as literature, science, or pop culture,” said Royer. “This really helps us divide our talents and win against other teams Even though we’re all divided into different teams for competition, we really all are on the ‘best’ team.” When asked which member had the most swag, the answer was indisputable. “Jeeves. Hands down, Royer said.” Although the team does well in competition, winning is not all that makes the Quiz Bowl such a great experience. “It’s great to meet people from other schools, and become better friends with other Ames students,” Royer said. “There’s also lots of really great stories! Once Sanjeeva sang a Justin Bieber song to the team, and another time in an answer Marios said ‘Madonna’ instead of ‘Maradona.’” Although the team was unable to go to nationals last year due to a lack in funding, the team still had a really great year, and hopes to have an even better year this time. “I’m really excited to see how well we can do this year,” Royer said. “We have a lot of returning team members, and a lot of potential from incoming members as well!”