Freshman Moe Elsadig

What has been the biggest adjustment in moving to the high school? The biggest adjustment for me would be the overall workload, especially with honors classes. For example, in Mr.Sullivan’s Honors World Studies class, we move really quickly and do quite a bit of work, but we learn a lot. What activities are you involved in? I am in chorus, Twist, Arabic Club, and I play soccer with Ames Soccer Club. I also volunteer at the Ames Public Library, but that is only in the summer. Who is your favorite upperclassmen? I’d say Mr. Uetz and Mr. Todd because they are very classy men. What is your goal for high school? hope to experience all the different aspects of AHS (i.e. sports, clubs, music) all while maintaining good grades so I can intern at Mary Greeley as a Junior/Senior (I want to be a Pediatrician). How do you keep your skin so soft? Having a good shower schedule, and applying lotion(use the good stuff) immediately after drying off. Do that every time you shower for a couple months, you’ll notice the difference. What do you do in your free time? I love to read, play soccer, and volunteer (mostly at the library). What is your favorite subject in school? I think English or Science, because I love to write, and I also love to learn about things and why/how they work. Do you have any cool talents? I can solve a rubiks cube in under 2 minutes, I can juggle three balls, I can headspin(not very fast though), I can bounce a soccer ball on my head upwards of 50 times, I can throw a playing card across the room, and I can spin a basketball on my finger. If you were a type of pop, what would you be? Definitely Jarritos, because they are super underrated and taste great. What music do you listen to? I listen to a lot of different music, some that a lot of people like, some that not so many people like. Mostly Alternative, Hard/Indy Rock, and a bit of Rap/Pop here and there. What’s your favorite tv show? My favorite TV show would have to be Adventure Time, no doubt about it. I love that show, and if you’ve never watched it, shame on you (just kidding, but seriously, watch it).