Ghosts and ghouls and gremlins- Oh my!

Halloween is right around the corner, but for high school students, finding something to do can be a challenge. Too old for trick-or-treating but young enough to want to celebrate, many students find other ways to entertain themselves. Handing out candy is one way to partake in Halloween activities in an age-appropriate way. “I like handing out candy because the little kids are really cute, and it’s fun to ask them jokes,” said freshman Mikyla Cooper. “It brings back memories of when I went Trick-Or-Treating,” added Toby Linder. Dressing up and handing out candy can sometimes be as fun as going around to the houses, especially when it’s cold out! Another benefit many people enjoy is snitching candy from the bowl while waiting for children. In order to get the fun of Trick-Or-Treating, without the immaturity of getting candy, members of SHEPH are going, but collecting money for UNICEF. An annual event by the charity, many students are happy to dress up and have fun while benefiting a great cause. A Halloween staple is the Haunted Forest. Rumored to be scarier than usual this year, opinions vary. “Last year a lot was inside walls, but most of it was outside this year. It was alright though,” said Linder. “I heard the Haunted Barn is even scarier.” No matter what events one decides to participate in, Halloween is a frightfully fun, lighthearted holiday for people of all ages.