5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Suits: TV’s Best Show

Mike Ross, a college-dropout, pothead genius, and Harvey Specter, New York’s best lawyer, are an unlikely pairing to be sure, but is one that works magically in USA’s Suits. 2 seasons and 28 episodes in, Suits tells the story of Mike Ross and Harvey Specter who, in the unlikeliest and craziest of encounters, become partners at Pearson Hardman. I’ve seen a fair amount of television, so it is not lightly that I say no other show has captivated me quite like Suits. My friends and I have all rewatched the episodes more than once. We all wait on tenterhooks for the season to resume next January. Here are 5 reasons why you should join millions of other in discovering TV’s hidden gem, Suits. 1. The wit. Amidst the laugh tracks and stale humor that plague TV today, Suits stands out with its brilliant dialogue that keeps you on your feet. The writing is funny and engaging while remaining realistic. Some choice quotes from Harvey among many: “I’d say the ball’s in your court, but the truth is, your balls are in my hand.” “I refuse to answer that on the grounds that I don’t want to.” 2. The characters. The ensemble put together in this show meshes together perfectly. The chemistry created between them is one of the major selling points of Suits. You get to see their relationships grow and develop with every episodes. 3. The storylines. The cases are believable and never predictable. The firm doesn’t win every time, and each case not only leads to a new lesson for Mike but also parallels into the decisions he must make in his own life. They range from routine sexual harassment cases from to defending a man who unwittingly gambled away his entire company. 4. The layers. From romances to bromances, drama to humor, Suits has something for everyone. Mike and Harvey are the best bromance since J.D. and Turk. Mike and Rachel or Mike and Jenny?? Harvey’s and Louis’s playful needling, reminiscent of Jim and Dwight. 5. The timing. If you start Suits now and get hooked (which I promise you will), you’ll be finishing all the episodes just in time for season 2 to continue. So what are you waiting for?