Dancing for Friendship!

In the midst of the filled gymnasium, students are on the edges of their seats, repeating the previous hour of heated competition. Eager, avid fans await the next half of the basketball game. However, with the dull patter of footsteps on the hardwood floor, an unexpected group of boys enters the crowded arena, dressed in interesting costumes and adorned with various props.

Members of the opposing team wrinkle their nose in distaste, wondering what in the world this motley group could be. The uneasiness of the intense basketball game begins to fade as the music starts and the dancing begins. And all of those familiar to Ames High recognize the All Male Drill Team.

This small team of some of Ames High’€™s finest boys is growing in popularity as their season begins. What does All Male Drill Team do? With a winter season beginning in late fall, this all-inclusive group meets once a week to review old and learn new dance numbers in preparation for the state competition as well as the frequent half-time performances at basketball games.

While the season progresses, practices become intense as the pressure to meet their goal of winning the State Champion title builds. However, their ambition and willingness to win does not limit the team’s ability to have fun and take full advantage of the athletic, as well as social, experience.

Along with coordination and Jagger-like dance moves, All Male Drill Team teaches students time management, endurance, and social skills. The chemistry of this team is unlike any other. “It’€™s great. It feels like a family! Everybody is supportive and encouraging. All the boys really love each other,”€ said Senior Jon Lazcniak.

Time provided by their weekly practices is not only for dancing, but for socializing and self building. Being apart of this club has a great impact on the participants’€™ lives. “All male drill team gives me a sense of meaning and it gives me the confidence to dance with girls,” said junior Sam Roberts.

Not only does this experience benefit the individuals, but it also has a positive influence on the school as a whole. Innovative and all embracing, All Male Drill Team represents the student body as it is a prime example of Ames High’€™s wide variety of programs and acceptance to creativity.

According to the members, the purpose of All Male Drill Team is to join together “€œa unique and elite team of extraordinary men” to become a group that can accomplish things for the greater good of Ames High School while also learning how to dance. Practices are Monday at 7:30 in the Ames High gym. Contact senior team leaders Jon Lazcniak and Marcus Saddler for more information. All male students are highly encouraged to join for a meaningful experience. “€œI love all male drill team so much. And I will always love it,”€ said Lazcniak.