Hoops are all these kids are shooting

Dribble, dribble, pass, shoot! Basketball. What separates the men from the boys, the strong from the weak, and those who are good at basketball from those who are not. Basketball, it all comes down to this. First off, height is very important. Some say height doesn’t matter in basketball. They are wrong. Height is everything in basketball; if you aren’t above five feet tall, don’t even try. Gony Bijek, an avid player of “beeball,” calls it “The Olympics of the Hood.” He goes on to say, “The game makes my heart skip a beat and makes me feel like a little boy again, so to speak.” The most important play in basketball is the Alley-Oop. This entails of throwing a basketball up and having another player dunk the ball through the hoop. Without mastering this basic skill, teams cannot progress much farther than “excellent”. If you want to achieve “legendary” status, you must be able to do this at will. iBall, or intramural basketball at Ames High, coincidentally falls upon the same season as school basketball. Not to be confused with iBowl, iBull, or girl’s cheerleading, iBall is a integral part of Ames High culture. Whether you want to show off your basketball prowess, or just dress up as a gangster, iBall is perfect for you. There is no clear indicator of how teams will do better than the presence of Anshuman Dash. Indeed, Dash is the “Lebron” of iBall. The court trembles when he hits the ground after a strong rebound, and dynasties rise and fall because of his presence. What does Anshuman say about his greatness? “It’s a combination of talent, determination and luck,” says Dash, “Mostly talent of course. I have found that dunking on an eleven-foot hoop makes dunking on a regular hoop much easier.” This years basketball team will be the best in years. By that I mean it will probably be better than the the last two years, definitely not the year before that. I think this because the players on the team are better than they are last year. Shoot for the stars!