Madrigal is working hard

The Madrigal Dinner is a favorite activity of many students and families at Ames High School. The dinner takes guests back to the early seventeenth century Elizabethan period. It is the time of kings, queens, jesters, music, and beautiful attire.

The members of Madrigal singers have been working hard to get ready for this event. “€œWe have to come early in the morning four times a week and then on Monday in the evening for two hours. Considering we only have about a month to put it together it’€™s definitely worth the time,”€ said sophomore Olivia Sauer.

“€œWe have to memorize twenty songs,”€ said sophomore Eli Bratsch-Prince.

Between songs, there is a small ensemble that plays as you dine. There is also a humorous play performed, and a court jester amuses with his witty tricks. As you can see, there will be abundant entertainment.

The costumes that the Madrigal members wear are always very elaborate and colorful. “The school owns a few costumes, but some people make their own,”€ said Sauer.

The day before the Madrigal Dinner, all the members wear their costumes to school. In fact, “dressing up in sexy costumes and wearing tights”€ is one of the best parts of Madrigal, said senior Chris Jenks.

Besides the dinner, the Madrigal cast does several other performances. “The Wednesday before the show we go to the Middle School and Fellows Elementary. Performing for younger kids is really rewarding,”€ said Jenks.

The Madrigal members also perform at the Ames Middle School. This performance inspired sophomore Eli Bratsch-Prince to audition this year. “€œEver since I first saw the Madrigal in 8th grade, I really wanted to make it, and this year it is just pretty amazing to be part of a program that I observed in middle school,”€ said Eli Bratsch-Prince.

Besides the middle school, the members also go to Northcrest Retirement Community each year. “€œPeople are extremely appreciative there,”€ said Madrigal Queen Mariah Griffith.

This year’s Madrigal Dinner is on November 29th, 30th, and December 1st at 6:30pm. It will be held at Northminster Presbyterian Church. Tickets are 28 dollars per person, which includes a delectable feast (including vegetarian and gluten free options if requested) and great entertainment. “It will be a good time,”€ said Griffith.