Munch Bunch Slurps Up Noodles and Company

Collectively as Munch Bunch this year, we have not been particularly discriminating. We have yet to deliver a negative review of any restaurant we have visited thus far, and Noodles & Company will not be the unfortunate restaurant that breaks that trend.

On Tuesday the Munch Bunch trekked to Noodles & Company (Noodles for short) with special guest senior Bo Fan. The diagnosis: overwhelmingly positive. We chose Noodles and Company as our munching location on the behest of Bo and his special connection with Noodles. As he will proudly proclaim, Bo has gone to Noodles and Company so many times that any employee will recognize his voice and automatically put his order through (Japanese Pan Noodles with Shrimp).

Noodles and Company offers a menu with worldwide noodle dishes from Pesto Cavatappi to Bangkok Curry. Each dish can be ordered in small or regular size and can be supplemented by a number of different meats. Bo and Topf both ordered Japanese Pan Noodles with Shrimp; Marios and I ordered a variation of their famous Wisconsin Mac & Cheese; and Jon went with an exotic choice, the Indonesian Peanut Sauté; with Marinated Steak. Both Marios and I agreed wholeheartedly that the mac & cheese was fantastic.

Noodles and Company’€™s Mac and Cheese did for mac and cheese what Community did for humor and what Breaking Bad did for drama: revolutionized it. “€œEating that mac & cheese was like watching Game of Thrones, playing World of Warcraft, and listening to Beethoven’€™s 5th simultaneously,” said senior Marios Tringides.

Bo and Topf expressed similar thoughts on their dishes. “I thought the Pan noodles were really tasty, but I was disappointed that they didn’€™t follow my request to fry the noodles at precisely 280 degrees Fahrenheit but fried at 275 degrees instead”€ junior Madeline Topf said. “Don’€™t get me wrong- it was still good, but I was slightly disappointed nonetheless.”

“€œIt was good the first time and it’€™s good the 400th time,”€ senior Bo fan said airily. Senior Jon Laczniak replied to a questioning comment about his Peanut Sauté with merely an intense momentary gaze followed by a ten minute period of uncontrollable, intense giggling. Needless to say, we all enjoyed our meal greatly. As a great place to get a fast, healthy, and delicious meal at a reasonable price, Noodles and Company gets a rare 5 out of 5 swims from your friendly, neighborhood Munch Bunch.