One Direction to your heart

If you’re looking for the perfect CD to blast in your car with the windows rolled down, or to sob to after a particularly emotional breakup, look no further- One Direction has your back. Their sophomore album, Take Me Home, was released on November 13 in the United States to raving reviews. The British boy band, consisting of five swoon-worthy members; Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson has taken the world by storm ever since their third place in finish in television music competition The X Factor UK two years ago. Their debut album, Up All Night, became the first British debut album to top the US Billboard 200 chart in history, beating out acts such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. With such a successful first album, One Direction set their sights even higher for round two, enlisting the help of renowned pop producers Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Carl Frank. As if their undeniably good looks aren’t enough to make you buy their new album, an assortment of fun and catchy tunes made the track listing for CD number two. Upbeat tracks like “Heart Attack” and “I Would” get your feet moving and make it strangely difficult to not break into dance. On the slower side, “Little Things” and “Over Again,” both written by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, are standouts that emphasize the vocal talent of the group. The one thing all of the songs have in common is LOVE, although this is to be expected coming from five teenage boys trying to produce a pop album that their primarily female fan base will enjoy. Although the content of the songs isn’t exactly original, the execution of them is what really makes each one worth listening to. Overall, One Direction’s sophomore album is much stronger than their first, in both the quality of the songs and the musicality of the artists. In contrast to their previous album, Take Me Home rewards each member with a greater amount of solos, and it is in these shining moments that we can fully appreciate how much the boys have matured since the making of Up All Night. There is no doubt that Take Me Home will find its place at the top of the charts. One Direction’s stellar vocals and redefinition of the “boy band” have launched them into the big ranks, and they plan on staying there. As stated in a review by The Guardian,“It’s not often you encounter a new album that you can genuinely describe as phenomenal, but the adjective fits One Direction’s Take Me Home. If it maintains the quintet’s current upward trajectory, they have every right to call themselves the biggest group in the world.”