MLS Playoff Final

Nope its no mistake. The 5th seed Houston Dynamo have won the Eastern Conference Championship. A couple of hours later in the day the 4th seed Los Angeles Galaxy won the Western Conference Championship. So the stage is set, for the second time in a row the MLS Championship Game will play host to L.A. and Houston. A couple of things are different this time around. In 2011, L.A.’s record was significantly better finishing with an impressive 19-10-5 which accumulated 67 pts and the best record in the MLS. Now, the Galaxy finished with a record of 16-6-12 resulting in 54 pts. Not a particularly good record, but certainly not up to the standards of the defending champs, but all in all good enough to gain a championship opportunity. Houston fate was fairly different. Last year, the Dynamo finished 12-13-9 (49 pts), this year 14-11-9 (53 pts.) They improved their record and point accumulation from last season, but only got in the playoffs by edging the Columbus Crew by a single point. Momentum is completely in favor of Houston. Throughout the entire 2012 playoffs, the Dynamo never trailed once on aggregate. The Galaxy had a much rougher path. Winning their opening game against Vancouver, the Galaxy would have to play against in-state rival San Jose Earthquakes which they were embarrassed in. In the dying embers of the game San Jose defender Victor Bernárdez scored off one of the most derpiest free kicks i have ever seen: The following game L.A. did what they needed to do and won 3-1 at San Jose. However, L.A. do have an advantage against Houston in the the Championship game is being held at the Home Depot Center which is L.A.’s home field. All things considering this time around should be more entertaining than last years.