N’Sync > One Direction

Whatever happened to that one boy band from the ‘90’s? You know, the ones with the bleached hair and wicked dance moves. That’s right. N’Sync! Looking back on the past, the 5 men that made up the legendary band N’Sync were way better than any boy bands today, especially the 5 boys of One Direction. I mean, at least N’Sync actually danced instead of bopped around on stage like One Direction. For those who don’t believe me, check out the “Bye, bye, bye” music video on Youtube and see for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eo-KmOd3i7s In a strange way, each One Direction member attempts to copy a particular N’Sync member. I find it to be somewhat sickening and totally unoriginal on One Direction’s part. Consider the following parallels: Harry Styles = Justin Timberlake Niall Horan = Lance Bass Zayne Malik = Chris Kirkpatrick Liam Payne = JC Chasez Louis Tomlinson = Joey Fatone If you think about it, One Direction is just a copycat band that will die out in a matter of time. Although N’Sync has broken up, they dominated the music charts in their time and were very successful considering it was the ‘90’s. Just look at the N’Sync Awards and Nominations page on http://www.aceshowbiz.com/celebrity/nsync/awards.html. This tells quite a bit about the group, especially when you compare the number of Awards and Nominations that One Direction received http://www.aceshowbiz.com/celebrity/one_direction/awards.html. N’Sync ended when Justin Timberlake wanted to focus on his solo career. My prediction is Harry Styles will do the same thing to One Direction. Only time will tell, but you heard it hear first.