Munch Bunch Heads to Madrigal Dinner

On the chilly winter night of November 30th, your friendly neighborhood munch bunch rolled into Northminster Presbyterian Church across from the high school to attend a special annual winter event: Madrigal. Two of our members, Maddie and I, were in the crowd and the other two, Marios and Jon, were in the performance itself. Jon was the jester and Marios was a violist. Madrigal, put on by the Ames High Choir, is one of the premier events of the holiday season. Tickets sell out without fail and reviews are positive. Maddie and I went to see if it was worthy of the hype. Madrigal is a very special event to many. It is a chance for the best singers Ames High has to offer to get together and train their hardest to put on a spectacular performance. “For the people in it it’s an activity that isn’t like anything else.” said Madrigal singer, senior Kelsey Dennis. “The group gets so close over the course of a couple months and creating music with a group of amazing people gives us all a feeling we can’t find anywhere else.” At the Madrigal performance, the atmosphere in the room was amazing. From the moment we walked in we were serenaded with melodious tunes from violins, cellos, and harps. The singing and music were nothing short of amazing. Nary a single off pitch or missed entrance in two hours of off and on performing of classic christmas tunes. Everyone can agree that the singing was more than impressive, but opinions about the food, the real focus of munch bunch, differed. We were served a three course meal consisting of a vegetable soup for an appetizer, a pork loin as the main course, and a scrumptious apple crisp for dessert. I thought the food as a whole was well-cooked and tasty aside but it wasn’t incredible or anything. The portions were rather small, but considering the scale of the event it was understandable. Maddie, on the other hand, thought very much otherwise. “The food would be decent for most people but I’m not most people,” she said with a smile. “The beans were a bit off green, the pork was absolutely not sirloin and I had no idea what it was, and the mashed potatoes were cooked 10 degrees higher than what they should’ve been.” Senior Spencer Oh, honorary Munch Bunch member, was in agreement with me and found the food delectable. “The food was so good that it rocked my socks off,” he said. The food was the only non-universally loved aspect of an amazing evening of singing and music. There’s only one really good way to describe the evening: we were satisfied.