Pool is Cool

The bars and weights clang periodically, pump-up music blares in the background, and the Ames High Boys Swim team is hard at work. Resolved to improve upon last year’s 18th place finish at State, the team has made a collective effort to hit the weight room and come back stronger than ever. All this is in addition to grueling two-a-days practices four days a week. “ We have really put our focus on using our weight room this season,” Head Coach Dan Flannery said. “We have been going in in the mornings on Tuesday and Thursday with some time on Saturdays. Many of them are also lifting in the PE classes so hopefully this will pay off for them come February.” The team lost a lot of leadership and production with the graduation of seventeen seniors, but the team is hungry for success and giving it their all this year. “We lost a bunch of seniors who were great leaders and contributors, but everyone on the team is hungry and ready to step up,” said senior Wyatt Rasmussen. “Marios Tringides, David Munkvold, Jon Kutchen, Wyatt Rasmussen and Chris Merchant have all stepped up,” Flannery said. “Others that will add to the leadership mix are Chris Jenks, Alex Pyle and Caleb Utesch.” In addition to this year’s upperclassmen stepping up, there are many underclassmen ready to contribute at a varsity level. “Seeing how far our seniors have come is very exciting for the future of our team,” Coach Flannery said. “Currently we have 4 Freshman swimming varsity: Jackson Breen, Grant Pahl (GP3), Michael Burke, Matt Boylan with sophomores Dane Van Allen and Cameron Rasmussen contributing to our varsity team as well.” “We’re really excited about some of the freshman on our squad,” senior Chris Merchant said. “They carry themselves beyond their years and are extremely talented.” If the team can mesh together and the underclassmen can develop and help the experienced seniors, the team has real potential. “ We set a goal to be a top 10 team this season,” Flannery said. “We want everyone to step up and improve. If we can do that, I like our chances.”