Winter Break shortened!

A cry has gone out at Ames High School: Winter break has been shortened! There has been mayhem and confusion throughout the halls as students frantically check their calendars. So much was made of this new development, but how short really is the winter break this year? A quick check of the calendar will show a shocking development: This year, winter break will commence on Saturday the 22nd, and terminate on Wednesday the 2nd. Last year, the winter break was approximately 14 days, and this winter break will be exactly 12 days. A whole 2 day deletion! To all those students planning to target the school board for this 2 day lessening of relaxation time, hold your fire: This year, the calendar is to blame; break always starts on a Friday, but this year the 21st happened to be the last day. Of course, this has raised much frustration among weary high schoolers who have been planning a 14 day hibernation since September Junior Chris Jackson said the the shorter winter break is taking away from his happiness. “I was planning on playing with my dog for those extra days,” he says. “This lack of playtime is going to lower my overall well-being, which everyone knows is going to lower my performance as a student.” Senior Carrie Herman adds, “I would’ve been able to visit with my grandparents for longer if the winter break was longer! I’m so mad!” However, there are members of the student population who are grateful just to have a break from the rigors of school. Manys seniors who are bogged down with college applications or worse have little time to worry about the length of winter break. “The winter break is shorter this year?” Senior Daniel Vigil asked. “Since when?” Senior Angela Zhang was of a similar line. “Let’s be honest, I only care as long as I can get SOME sort of break this year.” She said. It seems that Ames High students are fairly split on this matter but one thing is certain: No matter how long or short the break is, the main point is to be able to relax and take a break from school! So, AHS kids, make sure to chill out this winter break (even if the temperatures don’t drop below freezing)!