Munch Bunch Hits Up Mongolian Grill

Located near Iowa State University, the customers consist chiefly of young scholars residing on campus. A number of other establishments exist nearby such as the Scallion and Cocost . The food is actually closer to traditional American Chinese than Mongolian fare. The setup was spartan at best, with just the usual assortment of booths and tables. There wasn’t a functioning waiter around, which gave the restaurant a laissez – faire vibe. The menu was essentially populated by traditional American Chinese (yes, that’s a thing) dishes such as sweet and sour chicken, crab rangoons, fried rice, etc. For this particular critique, the Bunch munched on more mainstream meals such as the meals mentioned above along with seafood lo mein. The food arrived in a timely fashion, although there was quite a bit of difference in the amount of food on each plate. Some dishes such as the sweet and sour chicken had ample amounts of food, but the sesame chicken seemed to be a bit lighter in food amount. The food itself was fairly good. It was relatively tasty and was worth the $7 price. The meals were definitely above average, but they weren’t good enough to make the Munchers contemplate the philosophical nature of life and food. The Munch would have prefered a more flavor-packed experience. Additionally, the difference in the serving sizes was a bit confusing and also made ordering very hit and miss, as one couldn’t be sure if they would get lots of food or a smaller portion. However, one redeeming quality was the endless fried rice and soup. Basically once you order a meal, you are allowed to eat as much fried rice and egg soup as you want. The Munch Bunch understands the capitalistic nature of the economy and always looks highly upon free food. In fact, one could hypothetically stay at the restaurant for several hours following an initial meal, gorging himself on fried rice and egg soup. However, not all free food is created equal and a deal like free or endless shrimp or chicken would have sweetened the deal. All in all, the Mongolian grill experience is one that is good (especially since there is free food in the bargain) but not necessarily great. Therefore, the esteemed critics of the Munch Bunch decree that for this issue Joy’s Mongolian Grill deserves 3.25 out of 5 swims.