Video Games are an Excuse for Gun Violence

Many of us enjoy playing video games. It is our way of having fun during free time. Some of us play puzzle games. Some of us play Mario. Some of us even play dancing games. But then there are people who play violent games. We play games such as Call of Duty or Halo or Mass Effect. But this doesn’t mean that we are lonely depressed kids looking for revenge by going on a bloodthirsty shooting rampage. In fact, most of us are pretty nice guys. Violent video games are not completely socially acceptable. Why should sports where people actually get hurt such as boxing, wrestling, and football be socially acceptable? Humanity has used violence as entertainment for millennia. The Romans had gladiators in the Coliseum. Knights jousted. Boxers punch each other. In this day and age, people shoot each other in a virtual world. If anything, video games are a better source of entertainment since no one gets hurt. Will I become a farmer if I play Farmville? Will I become a rockstar playing Rockband? Will I become a killer because I play Call of Duty? The answer to all of these questions is NO. No, I am not going to become a coldblooded killer just because I shot some virtual people in a virtual world. What evidence is there to support the claim that video games cause gun violence? There is hardly any. In a CNN article, Christopher Ferguson, chair of the psychology and communication department at Texas A&M, explains that there are no studies to support the claim that violent video games cause violence in society. Most of the time, it is an untreated medical condition. Ferguson and several other researchers informed vice president Joe Biden of this fact. We all recognize that there is a problem with gun violence in America. But we must find the source of the problem. It’s not video games. If it’s anything, it’s gun accessibility. Obtaining guns shouldn’t be so easy for mentally unstable to get their hands on. The UK outlawed handguns in 1997. Did this do anything? Well, if you want some facts, in 2011, the UK had 58 firearm murders, while the US had 8,775. If anything is going to be done, it should be limiting gun access, not access to video games.