Angela Zhang

Which do you prefer, anG or Ang? Can we forget about sophomore year? What do you like to do in your spare time? Judging people on the internet, pretending I’m in Little House on the Prairie, jump roping, hiding from long-term work and practicing my snide comments so that they seem natural and spontaneously thought. Who is your favorite teacher at AHS? Walter maybe? I don’t know, he found me sort of annoying. I think he and I have a similar sense of humor (despite his denials). Besides, his shirts were insightful and changed my mindset about the size of pipettes. Are you a quintessential hipster-in-denial? No. What does that even mean? Enlighten us on the college admissions process No. I don’t remember anything about applying to colleges. Is your moment of fame on The WEB living up to your expectations? If I get money and hot men, I’ll be happy. I guess I’ll put this in my resume to impress people in college. Also, will it get me a prom date? If you could be any pokemon what would you be and why? Blue-Eyes White Dragon because I feel it represents my inner soul. Unfortunately, Pharaoh Yugi is better looking, but I don’t like Dark Magician. If you had to choose between listening to Gangnam Style non-stop or 50 episodes of a teary Asian drama, which would you choose and why? Teary Asian dramas because I have a heart of coal, and I don’t cry during movies or shows (except in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants). Apparently I’m also a robot so I guess I don’t have the ability to cry anyway. What kind of shoe best represents your personality? The quintessential Clarks desert boot for women. I have a husky voice and sometimes I wish I could wear a suit. But my friends think I’m dumb, so maybe chacos with toe socks 🙁