Winter Musical showcases choral talent, class struggle in The Pajama Game

“For some of December and all of January, my life revolves around musical,”€ senior Ian Warren said. “You get used to waking up early for dance rehearsal and staying after school for regular rehearsal. It’€™s a large time commitment, but I know when it is over I will want it to continue”.€

Warren plays a lead role in this year’€™s musical, The Pajama Game. The Pajama Game is a love story between the superintendent of a pajama factory and the head of the workers union. It is adapted from the novel 7 1/2 Cents by Richard Bissell. The original broadway production opened on May 13, 1954.

“€œThe head of the workers union is calling for a 7 and 1/2 cent pay raise. This leads to friction. Then there are quirky and over the top characters added to the mix for comedy,”€ Warren said.

So far the cast has been very busy practicing as parents and set crew finalize the sets and props. “€œRehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal! Saying lines over and over and trying to step into the character’€™s shoes. There is also practicing the music and the dancing so everything is on quene and on time,”€ Warren said.

According to freshman Thea Brenner, these rehearsals are at “€œungodly hours of the day.”€ They cause her to miss her “€œafter school special Netflix time.”€ However, she is happy to be involved in the musical, as one of the few freshman. “€œI am humbled. They [fellow cast members] are truly the most talented people on earth,”€ said Brenner.

The music consists of mostly upbeat, jazzy tunes. Music and Lyrics are by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross and favorite tunes are “€œHernando’s Hideaway”€ and €”Steam Heat.”

 The dances are choreographed by senior Andrea Holtman. “The choreography for this musical is a little bit of everything, with upbeat jumping in “€œOnce a Year Day”€ to the saucy, smooth moves in “Steam Heat”€™,” Holtman said.

As the cast and crew head into the week before the show or tech week, things get even more busy. “€œAh tech week, everyone’€™s favorite. Tech week is probably the most stressful time of musical as all aspects, costumes, lights, props, music, dancing, memorization, and stage energy get thrown together and everyone is crossing their fingers that it all pulls together in time for opening night,”€ Warren said.

Even though musical is stressful and time consuming, it is also “€œhilarious, crazy, and a great bonding experience,”€ Warren said. “€œMusical is definitely a unique and worthwhile experience.”€

Performances will be in the Ames High auditorium on Thursday, Feb. 1 and Friday, Feb. 2 at 7:30 p.m. There will also be a performance on Sunday, Feb. 3 at 2 p.m. The tickets have increased in price this year. Tickets cost $8 for students and $10 for adults. “€œHowever, it is well worth the money,”€ junior Jennie Lee said. “€œAlso, we worked our asses off, so you better come!”