The Love of my Life

February 14. Hannah Gorman’s birthday, but also the biggest lovey-dovey day of the year: Valentine’s Day. This means I get to spend a whole day focusing on my shining light, the love of my life… Oh you probably think this is going to be about a guy, don’t you? Obviously not. This is me talking. No, my Valentine’s Day is dedicated to one thing: chocolate. Historically, I haven’t had anyone to really share this "special" day with, so I tend to drown my sorrows in a box of chocolates on the couch watching rom-coms all night. This year will be different though!… Because we’ll hopefully have just beaten Fort Dodge and be prepping for the next sub-state game, meaning I’ll be at practice. Once I’m done there, I’ll be able to really start the night with my baby… My dog, Casey. She’s my best friend, and we love our bonding time. We’ll settle down on the couch and watch my favorite movie for the season: Talladega Nights, the ballad of Ricky Bobby. Let’s be real, this is my favorite movie no matter what season. Maybe I’ll throw a little Hancock in there to look at Will Smith. DEFINITELY some Pirates of the Caribbean, I mean HELLOO Johnny Depp?! I know how wonderful this sounds, so if you’d like to know how I do it buy my upcoming book: "How To Not Give A F*&# About Stupid Holidays And Get Fat: A Chocolate Manifesto". Just kidding, I’ll be too busy eating to write that. In conclusion, bring me chocolate…. Will you all be my Valentines?