February 14th

In exactly a week, it’ll be February 14, AKA Valentine’s Day. Guess what I’ll be doing? Yeah I know, thinking about just how such an awesome person I am (sarcasm intended) you’d think that I’ll be going on a special date with that one special person that I just love oh so much! HA. Yeah no… That won’t be happening. There are many things I could do on this oh so very special day. I could: 1. Actually do something productive for a change, maybe get some studying in or something.. 2. Sleep. 3. Grab a tub of ice cream (Ben and Jerry’s preferably) and watch The Notebook in sweats. Although all these are just fantastic ideas… Who wants the be the cliche girl that takes selfies and throws herself at guys on the one day of the year dedicated to love? But really, it’s just a day of the year. Like any other day you still have to wake up and wear normal clothes and go to school. In my opinion it’s a dumb holiday to be celebrated anyways. Even if you are in a relationship you have to find presents and show more love than normal. Shouldn’t you always be dedicated to your significant other for 365 days of the year? So really, I won’t be doing any of those things… Have a fantastic another thursday of the year, February 14th!