Game of Thrones Season 3 Preview

Spring will soon arrive and that means that the highly anticipated third season of the Game of Thrones is almost here. The HBO show is based off a series of fantasy novels written by George RR Martin and set in a fictional kingdom that is loosely held together by alliances between seven major houses. As the old king dies, the kingdom is filled with dozens of schemers who dream of becoming the next king or queen. The mysterious plot lines and treacherous plots, Martin has captured the attention of fantasy lovers around the world. As five of seven books have already been published readers of the series already know the plot of the show. However, this has not stopped the shows from reaching a wide audience made up of those who only follow the show and readers who are interested in seeing the series “come to life.” Perhaps the compelling nature of Thrones can be traced to the psychology of the plot line. The majority of characters are driven by intense ambition to become a ruler which accurately portrays the rat race capitalist society that dominates the modern world. Additionally, Martin and the show makers have done a good job of making the majority of characters a mixture of good and evil. Unlike Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings which have very obvious heroes and villains, readers of thrones will find the characters much more realistic. This realism no doubt plays a role in further portraying modern society as the majority of people are neither all good nor all evil(unless of course you subscribe to the works of Hobbes). Even if you view yourself as some sort of elitist hipster (even though hipsters don’t actually exist)that does not experience the human thirst for ambition, the acting and word play of the Thrones series should be enough to interest you come on premiere day. Also,it has giant wolves and dragons. In case you haven’t seen season 1 or 2, this is why you should; (Season 1) (Season 2)