How to stay motivated throughout second semester

As the second term comes around, with crappy weather and few breaks, it’s€™ hard to keep going strong. Here are some ways to stay motivated.

Reward yourself: Tell yourself if you get an “€œA”€ on your next test, you can go out for ice cream with friends.

Make a study group: It’s easier to make time to study if you have others counting on you.

Set attainable goals: If you’re having trouble writing a 25-page paper for class because it seems like such a big job, don’t focus on that final number. Break the paper down and consider each section of your paper individually. You can handle any project in small chunks.

Get more sleep: You have heard this before. Stop procrastinating and go to bed an hour earlier.

When you are working, focus: Put away distractions and concentrate. It will help you get things done more efficiently.