Single Awareness Day

As life would have it, some of us are just going to be single for eternity. So there’s no point in celebrating on February 14th, right? WRONG! There is a new holiday for people just like you. The alternative to Valentine’s Day. It’s called “Single Awareness Day,” abbreviated SAD for short. This holiday is all about independence. It’s the perfect time to do something for yourself. Things you can do on SAD: 1. See how many bars of Hershey’s chocolate you can consume in 1 minute. 2. Order a heart-shaped pizza. Eat it with your dog. 3. Watch The Notebook. 4. Send yourself flowers and pretend someone else sent them to you. 5. Cry yourself to sleep. Trust me, you’ll have a way better time than any of those people in “relationships.” In addition, if you want to celebrate this holiday to the fullest, you must wear the color green or black. Green is considered the opposite of red, and black symbolizes the absence of love. For another (slightly depressing) take on this holiday, check out this entry: Whichever holiday you choose to take part in, best of luck to you. But remember, February 14th only comes once a year, so do something memorable.