Munch Bunch Explores Joe’s Pizza

The restaurant proved to be a bit difficult to actually find as it was wedged right next to West Towne Pub. Additionally, there was not any sort of sign on the outside of the restaurant, which is unfortunate because the Munch Bunch enjoys lots of flash. The menu was quite similar to the average pizza parlor. Pizzas are sold in sizes of 8 inches, 12 inches, or 18 inches and the pizza list has all the standard items, such as supreme and meat lovers. There are also several fun sounding specialty items including, Hawaiian Surprise, Baked Ziti and Philly Cheese Steak. Joe’s also sells a variety of pastas, calzones, and sandwiches, but for this venue, the Munch Bunch decided to stick to pizza. It was decreed that the Bunch would sample the Meat Lovers pizza, because in addition to loving flash, the Munch Bunch members are also hearty carnivores that must ingest meat at least twice a day. Much like Joy’s Mongolian Grill, the restaurant has a very laissez-faire vibe, so the service was a bit average. The pizza waiting time was perhaps a bit long, but there was free garlic bread to consume during the down time. While the bread was relatively tasty, it was a bit flat and was also very greasy. The bread would actually end up doing a good job of foreshadowing the taste of the pizza. The pizza was a New York style pizza (a bit thinner crust and a little less sauce) and while it tasted alright, much like the garlic bread, it was very greasy. In comparison to other pizzas in Ames, it was better than your fast food chains of Papa John’s and Pizza Hut, but it was also definitely worse than a Jeff’s or a Black Market Pizza. However, there are some extra benefits at Joe’s such as free delivery. So if one were hypothetically throwing a Game of Thrones marathon, Joe’s could provide an adequate appetizer to a main course of Jeff’s pizza and steaks. All in all, Joe’s seems like a very average restaurant in all aspects and therefore the Munch Bunch gives it 2.5 out of 5 swims.