Renee Arnhold

What is your favorite English word? Squirrel What is your favorite class here? My favorite class here is French. I really love it because it’s always so funny. How has your adjustment been to living here? My adjustment was awesome after I got over my jet lag. What are the biggest differences between the German and English school systems? I think the biggest differences are that we have a different schedule everyday and that we don’t have any sport activities at our school, but there are so many more differences. What activities are you involved in? I started with track and I love it because of all the great people there and sometimes I also play I-Ball. What are your favorite things to do in Ames? Going to the mall and eating cookies. They are so good there, but most of all, I enjoy hanging out with friends and having fun. What is the hardest part about being away from home so long? I don’t think that it is hard at all because I already had a great time here and it’s still getting better everyday. I’m enjoying these 5 months because I don’t have more time here.