Paul Hadish Youtube Videos

onsider this question: If you could only have five websites on the entire Internet, what would they be? More than likely, one of the sites on the list would be Youtube. Youtube is arguably one of the greatest sites this world has to offer and is a great time waster. Everything on how to complete a task, viral video reviews, fails, wins, Harlem Shakes, and pretty much anything your mind desires for entertainment, Youtube has to offer. Another video genre is prank videos, and junior Paul Hadish has made his presence known in this area. He started his channel back in 2009 when his cousins showed him what Youtube was. Youtubers such as smosh and Ray William Johnson inspired him to start making videos. Since then, he has gained over 1,500 subscribers and made a video that has over 3 million views. The video is called, “Kid Gets A Fake Wii For Christmas.” “I thought it would get around 100k views but people started watching it like crazy. Then it got featured on reddit and and it really took off,” Hadish said. “It’s now over 3 million views and I’m still not quite sure how it got to that many.” Having a viral video also means he made Youtube money, around $4,500. The other part of Paul’s Youtube channel is public pranking videos. When making these videos, Hadish usually has help from junior Chris Stoker. The two go out in public making their “victims” feel as awkward as possible, in hopes of getting a good reaction out of them. “My favorite would have to be the Slender Man prank,” Hadish said. “We got a lot of good reactions doing it.” If you’re not a big fan of Youtube, Paul posts all of the videos he makes on Facebook as well. So the next time you’re bored out of your mind with nothing to do, head on over to Youtube and check out Paul’s videos at