AHS Librarians Rock!

Mr. Lunaburg and Mr. Smith might be the two best librarians ever. They learn your name, smile at you as you enter the Media Center, and seem to really care about the students.

Here is why they are so awesome:

  1. They decorated the displays by the entrance to the Media center with their favorite books.
  2. Last week they had a contest for guessing what movie would win best picture at the Oscars and awarded a prize to the person whose ballot was drawn and had the correct answer.
  3. Their sarcastic yet still aggressive signs that tell students not to enter without a pass.
  4. They made their own read posters
  5. They are quick to help you find materials you need whether it is a book or a gluestick.
  6. On our early out they posted the new schedule on little display boards and placed them on the tables so students would know the schedule.
  7. They seem to really try to make the media center a great place for students and they make the best of the strict media center rules. The play the song “€œFriday”€ on Fridays and hand out candy.

Its the little things that count. Thanks for making our days brighter by caring for the students at Ames High and being so sweet. Keep up the great work 🙂 I <3 Lunasmith!!!