Why the Web Should Feature Kentrell Killans

People complain about the web for lots of reasons, however the one thing people complain about the most is the feature section. The majority of the people featured in the web are mostly from the same circle of friends and or a part of the band mafia. On top of the selection bias the majority of the features either fall under the category of being boring or trying so hard to be funny that it’s just awkward. For the last eight issues of the web that I have participated in I have recommended that we interview Junior Kentrell Killians. The first few times that I was rejected I kept shrugging it off reassuring myself that it’ll make it in next issue. However as time went on I became more and more frustrated. After being turned down for the eighth time I’m no longer just annoyed, I am offended. There are a multitude of reasons why Kentrell would be a perfect candidate for the web feature section. First off he would add diversity towards the web, not only is he part of a unique social circle compared to those typically interviewed by the web but he also is of an atypical ethnicity in regards to the majority of people we interview for the web. The most important reason we should feature Kentrell is that he without a doubt has a different perspective on life that we could all learn from. Kentrell has had a number of life experiences that have shaped him into a very unique individual. Kentrell dabbles in many different activities including orchestra, track, philosophy, and rap music. Kentrell aspires to one day be a published author or a rap star. On top of that Ames High students love Kentrell, everyone has their own story that stars Kentrell. My description of Kentrell doesn’t do any justice to what an amusing individual he is, and for that reason I believe that it would make for exceptional content for our newspaper if we were to interview him for our feature section.