Jill Zmolek

1. What activities are you involved in? Dance, musical, AHS Shout, chorus, and the creative writing club. 2. What was your favorite part of being in the musical? The cast! 3. What is it like having your dad be a teacher that many high schoolers adore? It’s been pretty fun. I really like being able to ask a parent how their day was at school. 4. How’s freshman year going for you so far? The journey’s been swell, but I can’t wait to be an upper-classmen. 5. Do you enjoy having extremely gorgeous long legs? Ugh, most jeans end up capris on me. 6. Do you have a current romantic interest? No particular person yet, but he better like Thai Kitchen and Downton Abbey. 7. What is your favorite food to snack on? Marshmallow popcorn and Hot Tamales. No contest. 8. Do you like hosting AHS Shout? It’s so fun! But the best moments never make it into the broadcasts I’m sorry to say. One of my personal favorites was Kub and I singing “Pocketful Of Sunshine.” We’re about as professional as it gets. 9. How do you feel about Taylor Swift? Taylor? I like her, but personally, I’m a Mumford and Sons gal at heart. 10. If you could have 3 wishes, and couldn’t ask for more wishes, what would they be? Permanent, imbedded sunscreen, a Smartwool full body suit to keep me warm, and longer legs.