France trip will be a great experience

This spring break, a small group of eight students will be traveling to France for two weeks. They are looking forward to learning the language and exploring French culture.

“€œI hope to come back with a greater appreciation for the French language and culture, lots of postcards, and at least a few funny stories,”€ junior Kushkowski said.

The total immersion into French culture and language can be a scary thing. “The prospect of speaking to French natives is very daunting; it’s the reason I almost didn’t sign up to go on the trip,€” junior Trey Wooge said.

As the trip draws closer, the students have become more and more worried that they have not learned enough French. “I’m really anxious about speaking French with my host family. I know they will be understanding, but I really don’t want to say something offensive on accident,”€ Kushkowski said.

During the weeklong homestay in the Parisian suburbs, the students will be able to explore Paris with their host families. “We’ll see a lot of the sites of Paris, but what we will see specifically will be up to the family with whom we stay,”€ Wooge said.

The group will get to see a lot of French culture, but will still have time to do the fun things like shopping. “€œI can’t wait to set foot in the Chanel store,”€ said senior Gabby Brewer.

After staying with their host families for a week the students will be joining up with a group of students from California. During that part they will be visiting the Chartres, the Loire Valley, St. Malo, and more.

“Preparing to go to France consists of packing everything into my little blue carry-on, making sure I actually remember some of the French that I’ve learned, and looking up awesome places to go in Paris,”€ Kushkowski said.

According to Kushkowski, it is also important to bring “€œRelatively fashionable yet comfortable shoes. Otherwise, your feet will hate you”€ .

“€œPersonally, I don’t think there’s anything I’m looking forward to the most. I’m just going to love the whole experience,”€ Wooge said. “€œFood, art, castles, what’s not to love”?