Arturo Oropeza

What activities are you involved in (standard)? Football, Baseball, Track, DECA, Guitar. How many tuxedos did you lease as a prom rep? Like seven. How much swag is too much swag? Next question please… Ready for baseball season? Of course, it’s been way too long, I love this game. Will your newfound extensive knowledge of AP Physics help your game at all? Little to no difference, its a very complex game and it take more than understanding a few equations to excel. Say Ye, say Ye, don’t we do this err’ day-day? Shut up. How much can you currently squat ? try 245 kilograms. What was your first proclamation as “Squat King”? Put lesser squatters such as Allen Steward in their place 🙂 Can you use your fluent spanish to pick up Latina girls? Is that even a question? Of course. …Can you pick some up for me as well? Like, I mean, while you’re at it… I’d have to check my calendar, but seriously no. What’s your favorite color? Gold, women love gold. Considering both the economic standing and social issues facing Mexico, do you think Felipe Calderón’s stance on immigration reform is too moderate, or just moderate enough? Well he isn’t president anymore, but I guess two is better than Juan.