Jotham Polashek

Favorite food? I don’t think it’s in my best political interest to answer this question. Are you single? If so why? Too many options. What do you even do with your life? Steal Kendall’s carrots and his water bottle. *snatches carrot like the fiend he is* What do you even come to school for? Umm… I’m just going to eat another carrot now. If anything, what do you excel? Spreadsheets. What’s it like with Mama P as your actual mother? I’m forced to play violin 24 hours a day. What instruments do you play? Violin, viola, guitar, accordion, and chopsticks. What activities are you involved in? Drama and thievery. *snatches carrot* Where do you hide the pizza dough? I’ll never tell. Do you eat children? Do baby carrots count? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? *Proceeds to Google* on average 252. Why do you hate Whale Trail ? I feel that it is an indicator of the moral decline of today’s youth. Favorite TV show? I don’t watch TV, but Ron Swanson has a certain way about things. Shrimp or Prawn? Lobster. If you had to eliminate one race which would it be? Hipsters. Why are you so demanding? The proverbial squeaky wheel gets the cheese. Exactly how big is your ego? They say its comparable to that of Chris Jackson. In other words, as large as a 20 in Pizza froms Jeffs, the best pizza in Ames. What frightens you the most? Jamie Steyers’ Cold Icy gaze.