Mobile Games: The Next Generation

I have to say, I never would’ve predicted that mobile games would take up so much of my time. The amount of time that I have spent on Candy Crush Saga , Temple Run , and Angry Birds is uncountable. That said, it is my belief that mobile games will be the next generation of gaming. Now a large portion of PC and console gamers will most likely not agree with this. The level of depth and work that goes into mobile games is nothing compared to games such as Halo or Starcraft . I’m not saying that mobile games are better than console games, but their influence is far wider than that of console games. It’s hard not to find someone without a smartphone these days, and more than likely, each one of those smartphone users has spent more than a couple of hours playing their favorite mobile game. I have spent hours upon hours trying to beat levels in Candy Crush Saga . I know a few others who have the same addiction. Mobile games are just much more convenient. Whenever someone has time that they need to kill, it’s really easy to whip out the phone and dive right into a game. They also have a much more lackadaisical feel and playstyle to them. This kind of playstyle is more appealing to a wider audience compared to the intense playstyle console games can have. Rovio, the developer for Angry Birds is the pinnacle for success in a mobile game. They made $96.8 million dollars in 2011. You would think that their golden year for success would’ve passed after that. They doubled their revenue in 2012 by making $195.1 million. Companies like Rovio and Zynga are examples of how big the mobile gaming industry is. Because many mobile games utilize social networks, by allowing people to connect and play with each other with ease, their player base gets bigger and bigger. Many mobile games provide incentives to invite your friends to join the game, such as unlocking the next level or getting exclusive content. These strategies for attracting people to their games are what has allowed the mobile gaming industry to explode. More and more companies are rising in hopes of making the next big mobile game. Mobile games are the future, with their wide player base and appeal. It will be hard to see a day when console games can match it.