Munch Bunch Dunkin Donuts

Although no one is sure which creative genius is responsible for the creation of these culinary delights, doughnuts have provided breakfast to millions of moderately overweight and moderately underweight Americans since the 19th century. In order to continue this long-standing tradition, the Munch Bunch journeyed to Ames’ newest doughnut joint, Dunkin’ Donuts. Filled with the smells of stale coffee and animal fat, Dunkin’ unleashes a powerful scent upon walking in. However, the Dunkin’ Donuts environment doesn’t provide the homely comfort and fireplace atmosphere of a local bakery. In addition, the color palette is too aggressive with too many sharp contrasting colors such as oranges, purples, neon pink, and mahogany. However, when it comes to selection, Dunkin’ resembles a modern day candy shop. If Willy Wonka had decided to establish his enterprise and make his name in the fried dough business, his brain child would most likely be a primitive Dunkin’ Donuts. Dunkin’s walls are filled with almost every flavor of doughnut imaginable, from the basic glazed doughnut to the high calorie double chocolate cake doughnut. In addition, Dunkin’ provides a variety of different doughnut fillings, keeping long standing pillars such as jelly and pudding while also adding fillings such as lemon and Irish creme. For dozens of years, informed scholars have searched for a universal criteria for evaluating doughnut taste. Because of this, it is rather difficult to compare and judge doughnut taste. However, following countless hours of debate and study of doughnut literature, the Munch Bunch decreed that Dunkin’ has more variety and better tasting doughnuts than Hy-vee and Fareway, but worse tasting doughnuts than Dutch Oven. Dunkin is also known for its coffee, but the executive committee of the Munch Bunch refuses to evaluate things that can’t be munched and thus coffee quality means nothing to them. It should be noted that Dunkin’ also sells sandwiches and bagels, but the Munch Bunch chooses to stick with sampling doughnuts. In terms of price, Dunkin’ is probably average price. In comparison to other doughnut vendors in Ames, Dunkin is the same price as Dutch Oven and perhaps a little more expensive than Hy-vee and Fareway. The Munch Bunch can safely say that the better quality of Dunkin’ makes it better than Hy-vee and Fareway. However, when comparing Dunkin’ with Dutch Oven, the Munch Bunch agrees with American hero Patrick Henry, who may or may not have once said, “Give me Dutch or give me death!” As a result, the Munch Bunch awards Dunkin’ 3 out of 5 long johns.