AHS gets excited for Gatsby

Late in this April, the second floor of Ames High School will be transformed beyond recognition. What used to be a collection of classrooms and hallways will instead be a party right out of the Roaring Twenties. Gambling rooms, speakeasys, and secret passwords will take the place of books and pencils for an entire afternoon on the day. 20’s attire is required, so like last year, there are sure to be flappers and suits galore. For those who don’t know, the Gatsby Party is a party held for juniors who are taking either AP Language and Composition or American Literature.. The party is modeled on the descriptions of those held in the book The Great Gatsby (by F.Scott Fitzgerald), and students often pose as either main characters from the book, or fictitious characters that nevertheless fit the scene of the party. This year will be the second year in the running that this party, otherwise known as the Gatsby Party, will be hosted in this extravagant fashion during the school day. The first time the party was held in such a fashion was last year, and students agreed that it was a big hit. ”I had a ton of fun looking for flapper dresses and getting dressed up,” senior Charlotte Mann said. “ I think the party was perfectly fit to the theme of the ‘20s!” Prior to last year, the party had been held after school in the cafeteria, rather than spanning the upstairs wing. The party was changed to include American Literature students, and APLAC teacher Mr. Webb hopes this party is able to influence all students to be more excited about reading The Great Gatsby . “At the time we hold the party, the APLAC students will have finished reading the book, so for them it will be more of a celebration of finishing it. The American Lit. students will get to experience the party as a way to introduce them to and get them excited about kicking off their unit on The Great Gatsby, ” Webb said. The party itself will change a little from last year’s party as well. “There are a couple of tentative changes in the works for this year’s party,” Webb said. “This year, the party will be a little shorter (7/8th period) and we’re hoping to really bring out the music and dance scene of the ‘20s and make it more accessible than it was last year. We are also hoping to get more Model T’s, and bring back teachers from last year to run the gambling rooms at the party!” With the new changes in store, this year’s Gatsby Party is sure to be an exciting experience for all juniors participating. Webb said: “I can promise everyone that it’s going to be AWESOME.”