PE Exemptions

PE is dumb. I’m just going to flat out say it because everyone knows it is true. No one tries in that class and everyone hates the one that does. Half the time no one is even trying giving 50% of their effort, at best. This horrible class that takes up two class periods in a week titled Physical Education is not even education on your physical health. So here at Ames High School, we have these things called exemptions if you are involved in a sport. Which, of course, I am thankful for because for one whole freaking semester I don’t have to go to a PE class (woooo). But.. What about those that have two sports? What about sports that are outside of school? What about marching band? Musical? What about all those extra things that are movement where you do more than a normal PE class that you can’t get an exemption out of?? Personally, I’ve been involved in all those things. I have two sports, one a semester. I am involved in dance outside of school which is 20000000x more active than any PE class. And I was involved in marching band and musical. All these things should qualify for an athletic exemption. Just because a title that isn’t a sport or there is something non related to the school doesn’t mean that you aren’t staying active which is the point of PE right? Being "active". So either have some sort of fitness test to exempt out of PE (BECAUSE THAT CLASS IS STUPID) or allow different types of exemptions. Because going to a class twice a week where you barely do anything isn’t going to keep students active.