Recent tragedies

With recent tragedies across the United States, I feel it would be appropriate to discuss a rather serious topic this week rather than my usual self-centered jokes. Upon hearing the phrase ‘YOLO’ (aka You Only Live Once), teens may think of getting tattoos or not doing their homework. But perhaps recent tragedies give this humorous hashtag a more significant meaning. On April 15, 3 people died in the Boston marathon explosion. 170 were injured. On April 18, between 5 and 15 people died in a massive Texas blast with at least 160 injured. People lost family members, spouses, and friends. Others lost limbs and suffered serious brain damage. Their lives will never be the same. So, why does this matter? After all, it doesn’t affect us, right? Wrong. These events should be a wake up call to us self-absorbed high schoolers in Ames, IA. It is not right to be sad when a tragedy happens and then go on living the same carefree life the next day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we should immerse ourselves in photos of people who lost limbs in Boston, or repeatedly watch the videos of the explosion in Texas. Instead, I’m saying we should think twice about the people in our lives and the decisions we make on a daily basis. Tell your parents and siblings that you love them. Hug your dog. Embrace every moment you have with your friends, and be thankful for your education. Some people will never have the opportunity to experience these again. You only live once. And in times like these, today could very well be your last.