Objectives for the Ames High Boys Tennis Team

Last year was a painful experience for the top six members of the Ames Boys varsity tennis team. They had won team state the year prior to Iowa City West. Last year they lost to them. With two of Ames’ top six gone, including Calvin Song and Victor Wang, as well as Iowa City West not losing any members of their top six, Ames now has the toughest run for state ever. But this does not mean, that they cannot pull it out. It is absolutely crucial for Ames’ top four to win. With a new five and six position, it is unwise to hope that they can pull their matches out, especially with such little experience. If Ames loses more than two of the top four matches, their chances of winning are extremely low. However, losing one of the top four is a much more doable situation. Ames is known for their high quality doubles play, and if they can pull out number one and two doubles, they could still win. Although the outlook is bleak, people should not count Ames out in the running for state. If the top six can focus, stay healthy, and work hard, Ames may see another state title.