Christopher Merchant

If you could marry any character from Game of Thrones, who would it be and why? “It’s a hard choice between Asha Greyjoy and Daenerys Targaryen. “ Did Joth Tubley actually ask Kaitlyn Faith to pram? “Yes, it was weird because she was actually his aunt.” What activities are you involved in at Ames High? “Swimming, orchestra, and woodworking .” If you could be friends with any garden vegetable, which you would you choose, and why? “Asian greens because they come in a fascinating array of colors and textures. Some have curled or rounded leaves, while others produce feathery, deeply lobed leaves.” What are your hobbies? “Netflix, Fishing, video games, scenic walks, rock climbing, reading, and building things.” Is sasquatch real? “Yes and the real question is, how to we stop him from disrupting the specifically defined social norms of American life? Call the Americans Against Monkey Man hotline with questions and suggestions or to become a member today.” Anime or manga? “No need to choose. I’ve seen/read spectacular things that fall into both categories.” Would you consider yourself a swindler? “I have been known to put forward plausible schemes or use unscrupulous trickery to defraud others; cheat.” What is senioritis like? “Every stupid procrastination or laziness joke you’ve heard in your whole life becomes your day-to-day reality.” Do you have any special powers that people don’t know about? “I can speed up the passage of time but only during the week college applications are due.” Any advice final advice for the students of Ames High? “Take all of Mr. Zmolek’s classes. Don’t stress. Enjoy yourself. Listen to advice from seniors.”