English teacher Greenlaw to retire


Long-time English teacher Reggie Greenlaw is retiring this year after teaching 33 years at Ames High. He himself, however, wouldn’€™t describe it as leaving.

“€œI like to think I am retiring to something, not from something,”€ said Greenlaw. Greenlaw states that he will miss the staff and administrators at Ames High especially, but mostly he will miss “€œinteracting with students everyday, seeing growth in students, and watching people leave his classroom with new knowledge.”

Greenlaw has influenced the lives of many students but says that, in the end, they have returned the favor. “€œEveryday I am constantly reminded of the diverse backgrounds that students come from and how these affect their learning experience at Ames High,”€ said Greenlaw. He went on to add, “They have also taught me much about how to use technology.”

With his new free time, Greenlaw plans to spend more time writing and composing music, writing poems and short stories and traveling. “€œMostly, I will just be flexible with what I choose to do,”€ said Greenlaw.

His advice for other teachers is to be open. Some of his most memorable experiences were from when his special education students opened up to him.

Ames High will regret  the loss of a wonderful teacher, but we wish Greenlaw luck for new part of his life. “€œI am very proud that I have spent my time with the finest teachers and students,” said Greenlaw. He would also like to thank his wife, who works in the office at Ames High, for always supporting him.