Game of Thrones

Based on a series of books by George RR Martin, Thrones has been captivating audiences since its HBO premier. Set in a medieval fantasy world, the story follows the lives of about a dozen characters. Each character must deal with internal struggles, as well as hundreds of treacherous plots and betrayals. The world is populated by seven large areas that are ruled by a dominant House. Much like the feudal system, each House has dozens of lords and knights serving it. The first two seasons of the show set the stage for the splintering of the kingdom as five kings all staked a claim to the all-mighty Iron Throne. Now it its third season, the writers and Martin have killed one king, but have still managed to thicken the plot. In the ice cold north, Jon Snow, bastard son of Eddard Stark, must grapple with wildlings (people who live beyond a massive wall) and Others (mystical undying creatures). Further south, Snow’s half-brother, Robb Stark, is one of the three kings attempting to seize the Iron Throne from the reigning king Joffrey Baratheon. Technically Joffrey is the son of the former king, but in true Thrones fashion it is revealed that he was actually born from an incestous relationship. Joffrey also rivals Skyler White as most annoying character currently on television. The other challenger kings include Stannis Baratheon, brother of the old king and Balon Greyjoy of the Ironmen, basically a race of vikings. Even while all this is taking place, there exist several other story arcs, including one that deals with Danearys Targaryean and her three dragons. As some sort of massive war draws closer, we can only assume that these dragons will be used to create ungodly acts of vengeance and justice. Other characters’ arcs deal with elaborate plots that are filled with red herrings and false information. Using all this information, the show creators are able to create a world that leaves viewers clinging to the edge of their seats as they wonder what will happen next. In addition, every episode is filled with blood, killing, and nudity. Actually, every episode is basically just killing and nudity. Also dragons. For those of you who have yet to start Season Three, stop what you are doing now and start it. The first five episodes have already unleashed a chain of radical events. For those who have yet to start Thrones, do so immediately. Finally, for those who are unable to wait until next Sunday for the next episode, you could always start the books. There are five books which means you could have a two season jump on the show. However, be warned, there is no telling when that sixth book will ever be published.