Buffalo Wild Wings Challenges


Senior Rob Bingham

Nothing screams like a buffalo. Nothing makes the eyes sting like hot sauce. So Buffalo Wild Wings has perfected the combination with their creation of the Blazin’€™ Challenge: just eat 12 wings in less than six minutes. The kicker is that each wing is slathered in their specialty Blazin’€™ Sauce that is 60 times hotter than a jalapeno pepper. Complete the challenge and receive a free t-shirt and your name and picture on the Wall of Fame. “€œIt was April of my freshman year, and I wanted to do something unique and different,”€ junior and avid wing-eater Rob Bingham said. “€œSo I decided to try the Blazin, Challenge. Man oh man!”€ During the timed, pain-induced feeding, participants are not allowed to drink or use dipping sauces to calm the heat. Warnings are abundant, advising the brave souls embarking on the test of strength to keep sauces away from eyes and small children. A waiver is signed before commencing the wing fling. “€œI could best compare it to eating a ton of hot coals,”€ Bingham said. With all the hype associated with eating challenges, many teens are pressured into participating in saucy activities. Fortunately, there are no long-term side effects from the Blazin’€™ Challenge. This proves beneficial for those who want to belong in their designated friend groups. “€œI’€™ll do anything,”€ senior Max Chu said, “€œto win the respect of my peers. Frat.”€ “€œI would do it again,”€ Bingham said, “but I have since become a vegetarian.”