Jessica Misra


Junior Jessica Misra

What activities are you involved in? Diving, Key Club, Feminist club, and I dabble in freestyle rap. What is something about you that no one knows? I’€™m an open book, the talk of the town, everyone knows everything and anything about me. Tabloids right? What are a few of your favorite things? Tea, Dr. Who , scotcharoos, gouda (the cheese), Downton Abbey. Anything not involving TV or food? No. What’€™s it like living in Jacinta Misra’€™s footsteps? They’re very tiny and surprisingly loud. What fruit best matches your personality? Why? Tomato because no one is sure if it’s a fruit or a vegetable. Who is your favorite teacher? I don’€™t know, I like Mr. Webb, he’€™s pretty bald… I mean bold! Do people ever wonder if you’€™re related to Harry potter due to your green eyes and disheveled, dark hair? Siriusly? If anything, people tend to associate me more with, what I like to call “€œHagrid chic.” Continuing with the Hagrid chic thing, how often do you shower? I shower enough. No more questions please.